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About Me...

My name is Tim Buckle.  I am a "thinking man" and a natural leader.  And you don't have to take my word for it.  My leadership abilities were confirmed in May of 2010 when I was promoted to the rank of Assistant Manager by Walmart Stores, Inc.  For those not in "the industry," Walmart Stores, Inc. is the parent company of Walmart, a brand with which you are probably more familiar.  In 2010, Walmart was the largest public corporation in the world by revenue, so when they endorse your abilities by promoting you to Assistant Manager, that pretty much seals it.

But I wasn't always a huge success.  I had humble beginnings.  From early on, I always had trouble remembering the things my teachers would tell me, and I could never really figure out how to do math.  I flunked out of high school, failed my GED three times, was told I could not attend prom because "I was not enrolled as a student at that school," and I was rejected by sixteen employers in a row, before finally being hired 12 years ago by Walmart. 

But you know what?  There was another man who struggled in school, failed many tests, and was repeatedly rejected both socially and professionally.  Yet that man didn't let it stop him, and he went on to be the greatest President in the history of our nation.  Yes.  That man... was Abraham Lincoln.

Which brings us to the Mayan calendar.   In autumn of 2010, I was working.  Well not working per-se.  I was actually resting in the store room listening to the radio, because I had pulled a hamstring earlier while supervising a cleanup on ail 22, where, once again, a customer's water had broken.  Anyway, someone on the radio was talking about how the Mayan calendar ends 2012.  It was mentioned casually, as if no one should be concerned.  No info was given as to whether or not the world would end and no advice was given on how to prepare.  (That's the liberal media for you.) 

When Lincoln heard on the radio that the south was seceding from the union, do you think he ignored it?  Then how could I ignore this?  I knew that I was being summoned, just as Lincoln had been summoned.  I would research the Mayan calendar and learn its secrets, guided by the most powerful force of all, The Great Intuition...



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